MEMO PET IDENTITY, all you need to know

MEMO PET IDENTITY, what it is.

Is it possible to always remember everything in the modern everyday life?

Many times you have happened to forget an appointment or to find yourself in a place, lacking some details related to your animal, such as the number of its microchip or its passport, the name of a drug that usually uses ... That's why we have created MEMO PET ID.

This is an APP, signed MyFamily available on Apple, Play Store and Windows Store, free, easily downloadable on your mobile and can be consulted anytime and anywhere.

Once installed on your device, its use is very simple, let's see it in detail to make the most of it.


On the "HOME" screen with the "add" option, you can create the personalized card for each of your pets.

In this way you will have available:

  • 2 possibility of e-mail address to send reminders
  • Date of vaccination
  • Date of the pesticide
  • Date of antiphilaria prophylaxis
  • Appointment to the vet
  • Appointment to grooming
  • Various notices (for example in this section you could insert to buy a drug of usual use, to buy the food ...)

Once saved, these data will become part of the "My friends" section and the appointments you will save will be remembered by e-mail on the appropriate expiration date.

It will therefore not be easier to manage your daily life!?

In the section below, in addition to this item there are the items "Find vet" and "Find a reseller" that will allow you according to your position to find the figure closest to you, so you do not waste time in case of need.

The last entry is "Settings" where you can find your registration data made initially that you can change at any time (remember if your email address changes).

We can therefore define MEMO PET ID as a true digital identity card that provides you with all the data of your pet in any situation.

All these data are also written on his health card, but obviously it is not always with you unlike your phone.

Download MEMO PET IDENTITY, you will not forget any more appointments and you will never find yourself unprepared on any data related to your pet that will be requested.

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