Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever  is a recently selected breed with the aim of creating a real assistant in everyday activities. 

The leaders of this selection were the English, and according to a confirmed historical theory they started from a Canadian breed.  

Labrador is a dog of middle-great size, with a hard and smooth hair,  in  black, brown ("chocolate") or champagne color, always one color.

He’s good-tempered, friendly and very good at learning, clever and expert swimmer (thanks to his webbed paws, like other aquatic animals). 

Labrador puppy usually inspires a sense of tenderness and sweetness, so that he’s selected as main character of many TV well-known commercials.

Thanks to his peculiar tendency to learn, Labrador is trained for many different tasks and for man service, although his peculiarity is to be a retriever (that is a dog for hunting). Many Labradors are used to accompany blind people, to look for missing people or to carry out water rescue operations.  

The life in family is for him particularly congenial, better with composed by children that want to play with a four - legged  friend.

Some curiosities about Labradors

  • Labrador is the most common dog in the world. Nevertheless, he risked extinction before the English saved his destiny. 
  • According to legend, Labrador is born from the crossbreed between a dog and a duck: that’s why his paws are webbed. 
  • It’s told that Labrador reached English coasts by swimming, leaving from the fishermen boats of NewFoundland. 

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